A2Hosting Promo Codes & Protecting Your Website From Vulnerabilities

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Whether you are in it for hard cash or not, it can be very frustrating having your web page hacked. And while most sites that trust in quality hosting providers never have to deal with the trouble, some do experience the aggravation, and it can be enough to scare one from ever getting on the web again. Luckily, there are ways to prevent hacking from ever arising again if you should be unfortunate enough to experience it. All you have to do is have the knowledge to agree what you should be searching for, and the experience to prevent it from ever happening again.

Use A2Hosting Promo Codes for Secure Hosting

Some of the really big hosting companies are more vulnerable to security problems because of the sheer number of clients that they host on their shared servers. Companies like MediaTemple.net and Blue Host will often have trouble with XSS attacks that start by compromising one vulnerable website and then getting into anything on the same server. With a company like A2Hosting you get the convenience and support of using a mid sized company, but without the concerns of going with one of the hosting giants. As a bonus: they offer some of the best hosting deals available.

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What red flags should I look out for?

Chances are if you operate a website, you do so by using a control panel, or cPanel for short. These can be immensely helpful tools when it comes to making updates and designing the overall layout of your site. If your page is going to look great and function properly, there is most likely going to be a quality cPanel behind it handling all the behind the scenes tasks.

However, the bad thing about a cPanel is that once your password is compromised you are effectively at the mercy of a hacker. He or she has access to all the details they need to enjoy free reign over your site, and if you have important user and sales information, look out! So when you’re in cPanel, be on the lookout for login dates that are not familiar to you as well as IP addresses. If you are uncertain of whether or not you have been hacked, then change your password immediately and contact your hosting provider for support. You can also make sure to rotate your passwords on a monthly or even weekly basis, and you can use a password manager such as LastPass to randomly generate and store them.

How do you use your experience moving forward?

The prevention of hacking is simple if you have a basic to intermediate understanding of how the web works. And it truly is important for you to understand the how of it all. For instance, you may repair damaged files after a hack, but remember what caused those files to be damaged in the first place. Whoever had access to them and could change them will be able to do it again if you don’t take the appropriate measures to tighten your security. So make sure as you look deeper into the safety and security measures of your web page to not just repair those damaged files, but to take proactive measures to ensure it never happens again.

Keep Software Up To Date

One of the simplest ways to prevent your website from being hacked is by keeping your software up to date. This is because CMS (content management systems) like WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Drupal etc., update their software on a regular basis, which creates an extra layer of security around your website and keeps it protected. Software updates are usually released to fix security issues, so make sure you don’t ignore any notices to update your CMS or it’s plugins.

Use Secured Password

Another tip that helps you to prevent your website from being hacked is picked a tough and hard to guess password. You can always use a password generator. It is the first thing that hackers try to break, so, they can enter your website and prevent this situation. It is always a good idea to use safe and secure passwords, which are hard to guess and change them regularly.

Secure Your Admin Login

Make sure the admin panel of your website is safe and secure, so, no one can dare to enter it. For this, you should never use your admin name as a username because it is easy to guess and hackers will always try it. So, you should secure your admin login by choosing a tricky admin name and password to protect your website from a hacker.

Use Trusted Plugins

You can prevent your website from being hacked by using trusted plugins only. There are so many plugins that developers use to add functionality to your website and choosing among the best can help you to keep your website secure from any malicious attack. Typically you will be able to see if something is an official plugin, as well as reviews by other users. Make sure you check this information carefully before installing any plugin.


Last but not the least way you can save your website from being hacked is by making a backup of your overall website. It gives you the assurance that your data is secure and you can change it whenever you need. Some web hosting companies offer this service included with your hosting plan, most do not so it’s worth using a 3rd party backup service to make sure that you have a backup copy of your website in case the worst should happen.

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Free Flash Templates

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free flash template

Check Out Our List Of The Best Free Flash Templates!

Free Photoshop Templates

Templates4net is a huge collection of free top quality templates related to web hosting and business categories. All templates include source files(html, PSD and FLA) and ready to download instantly. We also welcome webmasters intending to share free designs, as a reward we can offer direct link to authors site. If you enjoyed our free website templates please check other sites from our free design network.

Top Free Templates Providers and Coupons for Webmaster Resources:

  • Godaddy promo code – this site offers dirt-cheap discount codes for you to set up your website. $12/year for a domain and web hosting? Sign me up.
  • Godaddy hosting coupon – the other site doesn’t have what you like? Try this one instead. It focuses on hosting discount codes instead of domain names.
  • couponcodehoster.org/godaddy-promo-codes – This is another page with a ton of great promo codes for GoDaddy hosting, domains, email, etc.
  • Freepik.com – free photoshop templates for both personal and commercial use. free website templates, website templates, web templates, free templates, photoshop templates, free web templates, free flash templates.
  • FreeWebsiteTemplates.com – Free Web Templates is the biggest free website template community online, free download webpage templates, frontpage templates free download.
  • Aurora Flash Free Site Builder – Create stunning flash websites completely free.
  • Openclipart.com Openclipart.com over 10,000 original free clipart images.
  • Flashmo.com – Flashmo offers all free flash templates, XML image galleries, 3D photo galleries, flash intros, flash audio players, and more for personal or commercial use.
  • Freshjoomlatemplates.com – Thousands of Joomla templates and most of them are free. Not ‘freemium’, but actually free!
  • WordPress.org/Featured Themes – Browse tends of thousands of free WordPress themes in the ‘featured’ section of WordPress’ own website.
  • Templates.net – 10000 Web and Flash Templates, Logos Articles
  • FreeNiceTemplates.com – Download Free Flash Templates, Free Html Based Templates, Free Photoshop Layouts. All 100% Free.
  • FlashTemplatesDesign.com – Free Website Layouts, New Flash Based Templates, Free Flash Headers. Download Now 100% Free.
  • Metamorphozis.com – Flash CMS Templates, jQuery Templates, Free and Premium Flash Templates and Unique Website Templates.

Featured Free Flash Templates:

1. Metamorph_Flash 105

free flash template

This free flash template is great for company websites. It has 6 clickable icons within the main slider, which make a click noise if you hover your mouse over them.

On top that, there is a cool lens flare effect that follows the customer’s mouse if they hover over the slider as well. A great way to capture their attention!


GoDaddy Promo Codes, Plus 5 Great Reasons to Start a Blog Today

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starting a blog

Blogging has transformed the way people interact with media and information. The barriers to getting your name out there and being heard by millions are lower than ever. There are endless topics around which blogs are created, but often the motivations for creating one boils down to five core impulses. Be inspired with these great reasons for starting a blog today.

It Doesn’t Cost Much to Get a Blog Started

It actually costs a lot less than you might think, and you don’t need to be a programmer or technical expert! With a godaddy promo code, you could be up and running for less than $30 and in under 15 minutes. Your domain will cost you about $20, the hosting plans start at $5 a month, and WordPress is free and installs in 5 minutes! The main investment in starting a blog is the time that you will put into planning and writing content. Updating your blog regularly is key, so you’ll definitely have to put the work in on creating posts.

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Become Rich and Famous

Of course, if you want to make it big you’ll have to make great, varied content people want to consume. Make the right moves and you could even become famous. Many people make decent livings out of their projects, and some hit the big time and turn their blogs into business enterprises that rival many corporations. If you like the idea of being a self-made celebrity, blogging is a great place to start.

Express Yourself

Maybe your motivations are more modest. Blogging gives you a medium to let your views be heard, or just vent on a topic you’re passionate about. By creating a blog, you step out into the wider web community and share ideas with people who are also excited about your interests. Multimedia options like videos and podcasts mean anyone can create content and make their voice heard, even if they don’t enjoy writing.

Educate People

Some blogs are less focused on the creator and more on the subject matter. Perhaps you love astronomy, or have some unique baking methods you think everyone should know about. Blogs are great formats for tutorial-style content because they make it easy for creators to share their knowledge in different ways. You’ll also find it easy to engage an audience with similar tastes to your own.

Promote Your Business

Perhaps you run a business and are looking for a new way to attract customers. Social media is great for building buzz and spreading the word, but a blog lets you go a step further. Share news about upcoming developments with lengthier articles not quite suited for Facebook. Or, create galleries of photographs to make your own image-focused marketing platform.

Learn and Connect

Maybe you’re into a subject but aren’t exactly an expert. By blogging, you can network with a community of like-minded individuals and see content you’d never have found otherwise. By commenting on others’ blogs, you’ll support causes and topics you’re passionate about and gain contacts with pros in the field. You can refine your writing or video-making skills, join blogging groups and even find partners to start new projects with. An inherently social endeavor, blogging is an excellent way to network with those in the know on the subjects you care about.

With free options available and set-up that takes mere minutes, there’s no reason not to start a blog if any of these motivations grab you. Maybe you want to be a sparkling success or just have fun connecting and sharing with like-minded people. Either way, blogging is an innovative way to take your passions to the next level.

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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Website Right Now

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website speed

There are several factors which will lead to slowing down your website speed. They include your web host and the design of your website. If you have several broken links on your website, then the speed will be low. The quality of plugins and add-ons you have installed if you run a WordPress website also affects your load speed. The slow response of your website will affect traffic to your website, sales and even conversion rate. It will do harm to your website because visitors will prefer getting information from a site which loads very fast. Always take your time and check on different parameters which may be slowing down your website so that you can increase the speed. There are many benefits which come with a website which loads faster.

We’re also going to be providing your resources you can use to make your website go faster. Case in point, you can purchase a faster website hosting plan with most providers. Here are some resources:
GoDaddy: what is a website accelerator?

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Website Right Now

1. Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Add-ons

If you use content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupal, then you need to watch on the number of plugins you have on your website. It is not always about the number of plugins you have on your site. The quality of the plugins matters. A content management system such as Word press has lots of plugins which make your work easier when managing your website. But, you should choose the plugins carefully if you will not like to sacrifice on your website load speed. Try to avoid plugins which loads a lot of styles, scripts and those that perform a lot of remote requests. There are different alternatives when it comes to plugins. You can find several of them performing the same function. If it is very necessary for you to install the plugins, then you should compare them and choose only those which will enhance your website load speed.

Try to limit use of social media share buttons. An outage of a given social media share button can slow down your load speed. The best way for you to go about it includes limiting the use of the share buttons or configure the buttons for them to load asynchronously.

2. Load Analytics and Ad Networks Code Asynchronously

Configure all your tracking codes to use asynchronous delivery. It is necessary because if your server is slower or down, the analytics and ad networks can make your website very slow. Just tweak your configuration and have all tracking codes load asynchronously for you to avoid the problem. Another cause of slow website load speed is the request of headers from your server. If the server is slow, continued request of header files from the server will make the website very slow. You can avoid the problem by configuring the headers to expire so that when the sever is slow, a visitor on your website can access files from browser cache.

3. Enable Caching

A cache stores the version of your website on the browsers of the visitors. It serves them the stored version of your website each time they reach your website. The process makes it easy for you to have a faster loading website on devices of your regular visitors. The cache system will serve your visitors the cached website until you instruct the cache engine to update or you update your website. If you are using Word press, you can install plugins such as W3 total cache and W3 super cache and they will do the caching for you.

Popular caching plugins:

4. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you have a website which receives visitors from different parts of the world, then you will serve people who visit your website from a country where your website server is located will experience high load speed. For example, if you host your website in a US based server, then people from US will have the website loading faster. People in China and Europe may experience low load speed. To solve the problem, you should use a Content Delivery Network. The system distributes your website in servers located in different parts of the world. It makes it possible for people accessing your website from a given location have a copy of your website located at such a given location. If you have hosted your website in US, and you target audience from Asia, the CDN will distribute the website so that people from Asia can access your version of website hosted in a server in Asia. Common services you can try include Cloudflare and KeyCDN.

5. Get a Better Web Host

The DNS load speed of your web host matters a lot. If you can host a website on a cheap server with more than 250 milliseconds of response time, then there is no way your website can load faster than a client who has hosted his site in a dedicated server with less than 7 milliseconds of response time. Even if you are going for a shared hosting server which is common for starters and bloggers who will like to have a light website, you should compare the DNS load speed before you decide to use the host. Do your own research by comparing different web hosts for you to know the best when it comes to response time. You can check out servers reviews which webmasters offer online for you to decide on one which will assure you quack load speeds.

Other tips for you to increase website load speed

Change your Website Theme

Even with a faster server, your theme also plays a role in slowing down your website. If you have a theme with poor codes, it can affect your speed negatively. Stop considering the aesthetics of your website, if it is slow, just change it and you will save more in the process.

Install Google PageSpeed on Your Server

It is a module which is an open source which you can install on your server and it will increase your speed. You can seek assistance from experts or just follow instructions provided for you to install it on your server.

Optimize and Reduce Image Size

If you have un-optimized images on your site, they can contribute to low speed. There are several tools such as WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer for WordPress users which you can apply. For Drupal and Joomla users you can try Kraken.

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Free Web Templates

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In our collection you will find free top quality templates ready for instant downloads. We collected business related Dreamweaver templates and Flash Animated website templates. After template download you receive all necessary sources including flash, psd and HTML files. Every single free flash template can be modified without deep knowledge of web technologies, you can simply edit templates in such popular HTML editors like Dreamweaver or FrontPage. If you failed to find product that suits your design needs you are welcome to visit other design related sites from our free network.

1. Aurora Flash Template

Aurora Flash Thumbnail


AuroraFlash Green Lite Free Flash CMS Template

Posted on May 29, 2016 By

We hope you will like this free template. You are authorized to use this free template for your own and your customer needs.

You can not resell or redistribute this template under your trademark in any form.

  • Template Category: Business Flash Animated Templates
  • Author Name:AuroraFlash
  • Author Site: http://www.metamorphozis.com/
  • Description:
    Excellent free flash CMS template with tons of rich media content features like
    – XML based dynamic text pages;
    – Youtube flash video player
    – Image gallery
    – Flash/PHP contact form

Aurora Flash

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Download Demo

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Hello world!

Posted on May 26, 2016 By

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!